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I Know Kung-FU

Another FU Hack for you all today, this time I do The Matrix! The original inspiration to do this Hack came from a comment from Jean-Baptiste Breton. I also drew heavily on Steve Darlington’s own Matrix RPG, There Is No Spoon, which is totally cool and worth checking out. The final approach to the “special

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May The Fu Be With You

I asked my 5 year old daughter this morning if she would like to watch a movie. Her reply? “Yes please. Star Wars!” To make her even more awesome, she wanted Episode 4! It seems only appropriate then that I post a little something-something for you all. I present, for your gaming pleasure, my take

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The Beast is here!

The Beast of Limfjord is now available! After more than twelve months of hard grist, and lots of help, support and feedback from friends and fans, the game is complete and ready for your grubby hands! Coming in at 24 pages (plus attractive cover), the PDF is packed full of Epic Viking Goodness!

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