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Idea #19: Upstairs / Downstairs

Write a story, scenario or game about a secret war waged between and by the household staff of wealthy families in Regency, Victorian or Edwardian England. In this setting the prosperity of the Lords and Ladies who rule over their estates is entirely i…

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Idea #18: The Departure

Write a story about what happened immediately before or after this picture;

Who is leaving and where are they going? Why are they leaving, and do they want to go? Who are the people on the dock and what is their relationship to the leaver? How did it …

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Idea #17: The Ninja’s Masters

Write a story about a ninja tasked with saving his Lord (no doubt a close relative) from an attack by the ninja’s own Master. This story would be all about the internal struggles faced by the protagonist, the conflicting loyalties he has and his deci…

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Idea #16: Sci-Fi High

Write a story, scenario or game about high school students attending an intergalactic high school in the far-flung future. Of course the students would have to deal with all the usual things you expect to see in a high school drama – peer pressure, dat…

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Idea #15: War is Hell

Write a story, scenario or game about soldiers that must literally fight in Hell. Were the characters alive and tricked into an eternal war, or did they find themselves in the service of Lucifer, Mephistopholies or some other entity after dying in batt…

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Idea #14: Sound Game Idea

Create a game that uses the “Randomize” option on your preferred music device. Make the use of the sounds / music integral to the play of the game – don’t just use it for atmosphere, but instead for action resolution, scene framing or something e…

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Idea #13: Alien Testament

Take a well known allegory or biblical story and re-write it for a well-known fantasy or alien race. Think Lord of the Rings elves, or Star Trek Vulcans, or Star Wars Wookies!Reimagine how the story would unfold, change plot points or characters to fi…

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Idea #12: Fireproof

Write a story about a character that finds they are impervious to fire, heat and flame. They can’t create fireballs, or burst into flames, or heat water with their touch, they are just fireproof. What do they do with this power? What role in society …

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