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May The Fu Be With You

I asked my 5 year old daughter this morning if she would like to watch a movie. Her reply? “Yes please. Star Wars!” To make her even more awesome, she wanted Episode 4! It seems only appropriate then that I post a little something-something for you all. I present, for your gaming pleasure, my take

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Do you want to share?

I have a crazy-ass idea. Tell me what you think, convince me it’s dumb, or applaud my madness. I am thinking of removing the watermark from the Beast of Limfjord PDF and inviting anyone that purchases it to share it with their friends. Why would I do this? Good will and publicity. Why shouldn’t you

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BoL ready for release!

I am putting the finishing touches on the Beast of Limfjord and hope to have it available on RPGnow by the end of next week, just before I fly up to Brisbane for the official Stockade launch. I really appreciate the feedback and support that people have offered me over the last twelve month. It

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iPad. The Future?

Now, I am not about to jump into the whole “iPad is great / awful” debate, but I do want to make a couple of comments. While it is a first gen piece of tech and some really techy people have already pointed out some of the things they believe is missing from the iPad, and

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The Green and the Tan

The Green and the Tan are fast-playing and fun miniature battle rules to use with plastic army men – you know, the cheap toy soldiers you get from discount stores! Easy for new players to get involved quickly, without having to worry about detailed army lists or complex charts, but detailed enough to provide veteran players

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