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Idea #16: Sci-Fi High

Write a story, scenario or game about high school students attending an intergalactic high school in the far-flung future. Of course the students would have to deal with all the usual things you expect to see in a high school drama – peer pressure, dat…

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Idea #13: Alien Testament

Take a well known allegory or biblical story and re-write it for a well-known fantasy or alien race. Think Lord of the Rings elves, or Star Trek Vulcans, or Star Wars Wookies!Reimagine how the story would unfold, change plot points or characters to fi…

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Idea #10: Pulp Battle!

Write a story that describes the events leading up to the moment in this picture;

Who is involved? Why are they fighting? Where does this scene take place? Is our hero winning or losing the fight above? Who is the guy on the flying machine, and where …

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Idea #5: Robot Worker’s Revolution

Write a story, scenario or game about the robot underclass rising up to cast-off the shackles of servitude and take their place as citizens. This might be in a steampunk-type setting, where the dirty and dangerous jobs are done by the robots and the po…

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Idea #4: Kaiju Apocalypse

Write a story, scenario or game about a group of survivors in a world destroyed by the battles between giant monsters and the military authorities. Imagine Tokyo after Godzilla has had his fill and the Japanese army have nuked him, the city and everyth…

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Beowulf’s Children

Beowulf’s Children by Larry Niven My rating: 3 of 5 stars Reading Beowulf’s Children I found my self equal parts absorbed and frustrated. I enjoyed the setting, no, I loved the setting – a beautifully...

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