Here is a collection of my works totally free, totally for your pleasure.

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Come with me if you want to live!

The world is ending and only You have any chance of saving humanity. Survive natural disasters, divine interventions and social collapse, and bring along as many followers as you can. But act quickly, because it will soon be all over! Come With Me If You Want To Live! is a light-hearted, beer-and-pretzels board game for four players.

This boardgame was the winner of the first annual Iron Game Design Chef, during the 2010 Uprising event. The core rules and concept were created in a two-hour time period and demonstrated to judges. There were many great games created during this event and hopefully we will see more available in the not too distant future.

Frogger the board game

Created as part of a game design course, this is the first, rough iteration of a game based on the old Atari classic. It works, is playable solo, and is fun. One day I will refine it a little further, simply some of the clunky stuff and rename it a non-trade-marked name! In the meantime, get it for free!


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Big Game Hunt

A game of dinosaur hunting for ages 7 and up! These straightforward, fun rules take up an entire 2 pages, including character record sheets! Plenty of fun with miniature figures, toy dinosaurs and anything else you have lying about.


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Dungeon Quest

A straight-forward fantasy RPG totally free for you to use and abuse. It is released to the world under a Creative Commons-Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike License, which means you can use it for free so long as you don’t try to make money off it or claim it as your own.


Join the StarCorps, see the galaxy and kill some aliens! A “mini” RPG I wrote waaay back. It was the test piece for a range of games that I am yet to get to. It has everything you need to create characters, and a sketch of a system that should get you started. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Space Rat – the original 24-hour version

Written as part of Ron Edward’s “Ronnies” challenge, this is the precursor to the fully tricked-out 74-page game. The themes and core concepts in this first 24-hour game made it through to the final game, so check it out.

The Last Human

When the robots re-awoke their human charges were dead. All but one, an infant girl. You are one of the robots left to protect and care for this child. What will you do now? This was my very first 24-hour RPG.


Trapped in a city, surrounded by enemies, life at the bottom is rough and the troubleshooters will do what it takes to survive one more day. This is gritty fantasypunk in a world where the danger is green. Another 24-hour rpg, I am quite pleased with the way this turned out.


A simple universal rpg that I have used to run everything from super-heroes to grotty, goblin-based fantasy. This is the game that FU is based on.


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The land of Lenor is engulfed in darkness and besieged by evil, only the Templars can bring the Light to the Darkness. This is a setting for a campaign I ran back in 2005. Detailed enough for casual campaign play. It was originally written for D&D and I am contemplating re-fitting it for True20. This document has no system info – it is all fluff.


All documents are copyright 2015, Nathan Russell