Okay, I have been tossing around some ideas, going through some old stuff I had written, thumbed through a few back issues of comic Previews, Dragon magazine and my DVD selection. In some ways I want to go back to the roots of my gaming experience, and after D&D the game that had the greatest impact on the young me was Cyberpunk 2020. It has been a long while since a really good cyberpunk game has been done, though I am not sure I am invested in the genre enough to go balls-to-the-wall traditional cyberpunk. I love the attitude of cyberpunk, the worlds described in cyberpunk fiction, the idea of revolutionaries trying to change a world that doesn’t even notice them, of fighting against impossible odds for cash, fame or just one more day on this good earth. What I am not a fan of is the vast lists of gadgets, cybernetics, weapons and tech that many cyberpunk games degenerated into. (You know they did! R Talsorian even tried to escape this through their launch of CyberGeneration – a far better cyberpunk game than the original, I think.).


I have two ideas… before I started writing this post I had one sound idea, but I have just had another spark. Damn. Damn this imagination of mine! I am going to scribble some notes and see which really plucks at my heart-strings. Both are inspired by cyberpunk fiction, but neither are cyberpunk. Neither are steampunk either – I think that might be too easy, besides there are a lot of games in that genre these days. Anyway, more soon.