Alright, my first week is rapidly coming to a close. I have ALMOST finished my first game, FU, though have not made all the modifications to the original rules I had intended. The main reason was that I didn’t want to. It is so outrageously light, easy and FUN that I decided I didn’t want to go clogging it up with extra complexity. What I have done is give a LOT more detail on how to do stuff, with (what I think are) clear explanations and examples in sidebars. In fact, the sidebars take up a far larger wordcount than the actual rules text! I do intend on doing a suppliment with more detailed combat rules, but that isn’t likely to happen today (my eyes are sore from staring at the computer scree, and I want to spend time with the family!). Before I am done, though, I want to put in a sample adventure. Something wacky, that shows what you can do with the system. Give me your ideas for a crazy, no, CRAZY genre mashing setting – post them below or tweet them to me now!