The Beast of Limfjord is now available! After more than twelve months of hard grist, and lots of help, support and feedback from friends and fans, the game is complete and ready for your grubby hands! Coming in at 24 pages (plus attractive cover), the PDF is packed full of Epic Viking Goodness! Those of you that have read, played or tasted the playtest version will have a pretty good idea of what you are getting, though this final version is tweaked for maximum AWESOME to give it a truly epic feel. Some of the changes include:

Full color layout that evokes the gritty setting

The introduction of the 3 Act structure to frame the entire story and give GM’s more guidance as to what should be happening in each part of the tale

Edges and Strain refresh less often, adding more pressure to your heroes, and meaning it is truly heroic when you succeed

5 complete ready-to-run scenes, plus more than 30 example challenges, and 6 example Beasts to spark your imagination

Rules for creating your own epic heroes

You can get your cop of The Beast of Limfjord from RPGnow.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that supported this project. The people that took part in the first Stockade Project; all of the playtesters and people who sent me feedback; the attendees of the 2010 Uprising; and my weekly gaming group – Brett, Marty, Duff, Robert, Grace & Jason. In particular, I want to call out Andrew Smith who organised the Stockade Project and inspired me to keep working on my game, Scott Vandervalk for editing my manuscript, John Reid for being so enthusiastic about the game and offering incredibly detailed playtest notes, and Fridrik Bjarnason for his ideas, thoughts and questions on my assumptions about the game and setting. Thank you, one and all.