The winner of the 1KM1KT Movie Mash-up competition has been announced and I am totally over the moon to have won! I really poured my heart into this game, and it was difficult to let myself just “go with it” and create it. It deals with Nazis, ultraviolence and destroying the things the other players love and while there was a part of me that was totally excited by the concept, there was another part of me that was afraid to show what was brewing in my skull – in case people thought I was completely bat-shit insane or somewhat messed up. In the end I “bit the bullet” and just went with it and am really happy with the result. Still, I feel like I am left with a game I am really proud of but not particularly keen to play!

The Movie Mash-up competition was a challenge to create a complete RPG inspired by mashing-up two movies. I chose to mash A Clockwork Orange and The Sound of Music. The result was The Droog Family Songbook. You can learn more about the competition, find links to all the entries and a discussion of them at the 1KM1KT forum.