As I potter away on the new and improved Verge, I am going to turn to the people that have read / played it for feedback. I will usually have some good, clear ideas, but so many people have already downloaded, played and provided feedback for this game, I thought it would be cool to solicit your ideas too. I might take them on board, disregard them completely, or combine them with what I already have percolating. Let’s see what happens.

My first question is this:

How much “fantasy” should be in the setting?

It is a “dark” and “gothic” setting, so it isn’t going to have too many high fantasy overtones, and I do not want elves and dwarves and the like. When considering your response, the following questions might help: Is magic something that runs and powers “stuff” in the setting or is it purely the domain of people (things) that shouldn’t be trusted? Should it be pure fantasy, or “science-fantasy” (by which I mean magic with a “scientific” feel to it, using devices and gizmos and laboratories). Does magic involve long, dangerous rituals, or can spells be flicked at enemies like gunfire? Is it magic, but doesn’t look like magic? What do you think fits the setting, and what do you think would be cool in play?

Leave feedback below, or via Twitter.