This is the first in a semi-regular “column” where I give a shout out to something that I like, am enjoying, has caught my attention, or generally impressed me.

Today’s Shout Out goes to Andrew Smith’s blog, Tabletop Manifesto. Now, I will be up front and admit that Andrew is a good friend, and has blogged about my own games on more than one occasion, but that’s not why he gets my first Shout Out.   Tabletop Manifesto gets my attention today because it always has interesting, thought provoking questions about gaming, how games are made, and how we play them. Andrew’s posts are almost always short, bite-sized thoughts that ask you to think about an idea, concept or current meme.
Andrew is also the designer of the very cool RPG, Siege, that deals with hostage crisis. It was begun as part of the Stockade Project and completed as part of NaGa DeMon. Some RPG bloggers have claimed it is their favourite find of 2012, which should be enough to make you check it out!
Head on over to Tabletop Manifesto and have a rummage.