I have been pottering away on the re-write of my RPG, Verge, for some time now and thought I would begin sharing some of what I have been working on. The first thing I want to give you a heads-up on is that Verge will not be the final name of this project. I have another name in mind but am not 100% settled on it, so won’t reveal it yet. (Hey, if you have an idea for the name of the reinvigorated Verge, put it in a comment below). I hinted in a previous post that I intended to use an OGL system for the game, but didn’t tell you which. I have been working on a (very) streamlined d20 system, and will continue to do so, while keeping a close eye on what is happening with D&D 5E and whatever its future licensing opportunities are. As the rules currently stand, the core of the d20 system will remain (you roll a d20, have attributes to define your raw ability), everything not essential to play is GONE. It will become more heavily skill based and weapon proficiency feats and base attack bonuses will be replaced by weapon skills. Margins of success will describe how well skill checks succeed or fail and in combat they will have a direct impact on damage. In terms of presenting those rules, I have been really inspired by the D&D Gamma World rules in the efficiency in which they present the game.

In future posts I will share some of the things that are inspiring the game, as well as some updates of the actual work on the game.