Last week I promised to share some of the more fantasy-related inspiration for the City. Middenheim is one such inspiration. Also known as the City of the White Wolf, Middenheim is a city of the Empire in the Warhammer setting. It is a great and ancient city, cut off from the world built atop a mountain. Middenheim is filled with vibrant life and sinister secrets, mysterious cults, and a maze of catacombs and passageways that honeycomb the mountain. Being a big Warhammer player “back in the day”, Middenhiem is a place I have known for a long time, though the novel Hammers of Ulric was really brought it to life for me.

There is a lot to draw inspiration from for Verge. The people feel isolated and cut off from the Empire not just by geography, but religion too. Life seems desperate, people have no-one to rely on but themselves, and danger and death can creep from the sewers at anytime. Being a product of Games Workshop, the books and game pro

ducts related to Middenheim are always lavishly illustrated, evoking a sense of the dark and sinister that so inspires me.