When I first released FU a couple of very nice souls suggested I should submit the game for the Ennie Awards. I wasn’t all that confident and when I finally got around to checking out the requirements the submission period had ended. I am now working on a “second edition” of FU and there was a spark in the back of my mind that I might submit this new, improved version for the Ennie Awards. Turns out, there is less than a month before the 2012 Ennie submission period ends. While I have been pottering away on FU for a while, I really don’t think it will be ready for the end of April. To be honest, most of the updates are still notes on scrap paper and a couple of playtest docs (only one of which I have released!). I could throw it all together over the next week or so, but I really wouldn’t be doing anyone any favours – I want it done, but I also want it done right, which means some editing and proof-reading at the very least. So, my goal now is to have FU ready to be submitted for the 2013 Ennie Awards in the “Free Game” category.