A few observant folk noticed that the Peril Planet website disappeared last week. This was a planned event, as I needed to transfer the hosting of the domain to another provider – I have been paying for multiple hosting accounts from multiple providers for a while now, and I am in the process of consolidating everything. My original plan was simply to redirect the the PerilPlanet.com domain to this blog, but when I did that  all sorts of horrible things happened to my links and a few other bits on this site. Frustration! Anyway, I have put up a new Peril Planet site that is probably much better in the long run. It just has details of my games, in a neat “slider” format. It is a neat showcase of what I have done, without being all cluttered with updates and blog entries. It also means I don’t have to update multiple sites on a regular basis, which is important as I am having trouble just updating this blog!

If you browse around the new Peril Planet site and spot any issues or typos or bad links, shoot me an email or comment below, so I can fix it up.