Every year, about this time, my mind turns towards the issue of my weight, the unhealthy burden that I carry like a fleshy pig-skin beanbag around my waist. I guess it comes from the guilt of stuffing myself senseless over the Christmas period, and the knowledge I am going to need to “top up” my wardrobe in preparation for the new work year. As a teacher it is important that I have a good collection of bad plaid shirts that kind of fit me.

weigh-in-smallI am not a huge guy, but I am not a tall guy either, and I have one of those stomachs that projects well forward of my belt buckle. For the last four months or so I have been attending Weight Watchers and have lost about 10 kilograms, which is awesome. The first few weeks were amazing, and the knowledge that I would have to “weigh-in” every week was a real motivation to eat healthy and get some exercise in. But as the year has drawn to a close work got really busy and I got really lazy and slacked off. I am pretty good at making excuses, and as I grew more comfortable with the folk at Weight Watchers it felt less dangerous to not attend the meetings – it turns out they wont hunt me down or call my Mum. That’s not good for someone that operates better with a big stuck swinging above him!

My last couple of weigh-ins saw a weight gain, undoing my hard work, and I didn’t attend this week because I knew it would be another step backward. This needs to stop. I need to pull my finger out, get back to tracking my ProPoints, and attend the meetings. I need to actually exercise. This is me outing myself. I am 172cm tall and currently weigh 93.1kg. I want to get to mid or low 80′s and be able to take a short jog without losing my breath, or a long walk without suffering from painful ankles for the next 48 hours. I will check in each week, probably on a Saturday after my Weight Watchers meeting. You don’t have to say anything (but by all means do), but I need to “put it out there” and believe someone is paying attention. I know there are a lot of other people out there looking to lose some weight and I would love to here what strategies, tricks or tips you have for keeping yourself motivated and on track.

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