So, school holidays are in full swing here and the kids are really impressing me with how well they are occupying themselves. Today they asked for some suitcases because they  were going to pretend to go on an airplane trip. The cases were appropriately filled with blankets and teddy bears!

Gilbert then started talking about passports and tickets, so I thought I would whip up some documentation for them to use. After all, you cannot take an overseas holiday without your Australian passport! These are very easy to make up with Word, once I worked out which way up each text box needed to go. The kids wrote down the holiday destination, though you could use stamps or stickers to simulate passport stamps for a more “authentic” experience.

Slightly disturbing, my kids chose Water World as their destination. I am not sure how I feel about them visiting the site of Kevin Costner’s monumental film flop! But, they played beautifully, coming to the kitchen counter to buy plane tickets from me and then handing over their passports to be checked. They then sat on the lounge and watched Toy Story as their in-flight movie! Gilbert got a little bored at this point and wanted to stop playing, so Matilda (who was both a passenger and the pilot) announced over the loud speakers (that is, shouted at me) they would have to turn back as Gilbert was homesick!

All in all, a good afternoon!

Here is a word doc you can use to make your own play passports!