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Alright, I was in two minds posting anything about this, but here it is anyway. They are just as creepy as they are cute. But that might be because I saw Chucky at an early age. I would be very surprised if there was anyone out there who doesn’t at least know of the Cabbage Patch Kids. With their soft plush bodies and cute plastic heads and a whole range of clothes to accessorise, they were a massive hit in the 80’s and beyond. The things even came with “birth certificates” and their own unique names.

In fact, I would be very surprised if there was anyone that didn’t – at one stage or another – own a Cabbage Patch Kid or one of the cheap knock-offs. I know I had one, and so did both my brothers. I think we even had a Cabbage Patch Kids record. What the hell were my parents thinking? Scratch that. I know what my mum was thinking: “I don’t have any daughters, but why the hell should that stop me?” I am sure I am scarred in some way.

Just in case you don’t think they’re creepy (they are), here’s another bit of info. In 1996 (way after I had one – honest) there was a line of “Snack Time” Cabbage Patch Kids that were designed to “eat” plastic vegetables by means of a one-way roller inside the doll’s mouth. Inevitably children placed their fingers, hair, and I am sure pets into the doll’s mouth only to discover they could not be pulled out. Ouch!

Did you own a Cabbage Patch Kid?

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