Hi everyone, Steve, the awesome guy who started the FU Yahoo group wanted to pass the following message on.

Hi all

I’m aware there are three members awaiting confirmation, however I am struggling badly with the new Neo Yahoo groups and cannot login as an admin (or even a group user, despite being logged in, which is why this is kindly being posted by Nathan).

This also means that I cannot pass the admin rights to another user.

I am endeavouring to try and resolve this as soon as possible, if your application lapses in the meantime please keep up with the group and I will hopefully have better news soon.

I would also like to take this moment to thank Steve for starting the ball rolling on the group, way-back-when, and to also thank all the awesome people who regularly contribute to the group, discuss rules and rules options, create hacks and generally make the FU community (hey, it has a community!), awesome!