Author: Nathan


I did not go home. By home, I mean “hometown”. Where I grew up and went to highschool. But I did actually create a facebook account, after much cajoling on my darling wife’s part. I have been resisting for some time and for what reason I do not know. I use email every day, administrate […]

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I ran a playtest of… a game last night. It is not Oro but uses the system I am planning to use for Oro. Before I get into the playtest itself, let me explain why I didn’t use the Oro setting. First, I am still...

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Oro: Tales from the New World

Okay gang, I have pondered, plundered and even gone to the “thinking room” to deliberate. I am here to reveal to you the project I intend to set my mind to over the next twelve months. I give you; At this point I...

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