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Do you want to share?

I have a crazy-ass idea. Tell me what you think, convince me it’s dumb, or applaud my madness. I am thinking of removing the watermark from the Beast of Limfjord PDF and inviting anyone that purchases it to share it with their friends. Why would I do this? Good will and publicity. Why shouldn’t you

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The Beast is here!

The Beast of Limfjord is now available! After more than twelve months of hard grist, and lots of help, support and feedback from friends and fans, the game is complete and ready for your grubby hands! Coming in at 24 pages (plus attractive cover), the PDF is packed full of Epic Viking Goodness!

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BoL ready for release!

I am putting the finishing touches on the Beast of Limfjord and hope to have it available on RPGnow by the end of next week, just before I fly up to Brisbane for the official Stockade launch. I really appreciate the feedback and support that people have offered me over the last twelve month. It

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The Beast Grows

At this very moment, as I write, Andrew Smith is running a game of The Beast of Limfjord at Go Play Brisbane. A few weeks ago I had promised him an up-dated version of the game, with all the things I had learnt from the various playtester responses. Then my computer had a major meltdown!

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I ran a playtest of… a game last night. It is not Oro but uses the system I am planning to use for Oro. Before I get into the playtest itself, let me explain why I didn’t use the Oro setting. First, I am still...

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