I’ve been writing and publishing my work for the better part of two decades, with my first article published in White Dwarf magazine in 1999. I have worked with a variety of talented creatives on writing and game design projects and have published my own games under the banner of Peril Planet since 2005.  I created and run National Game Design Month each November. I co-hosted the popular Here be Gamers! podcast from 2008-2012. I also write about making positive change in your life and travelling with autism at Autism Family Travel.

I’m very proud of all my work. Here are a few examples:


Magazine Articles

National Game Design Month

Every November I host, run and encourage others to participate in NaGa DeMon – National Game Design Month. It has run since 2010 and grown every year.



  • NaGaDeMon (NaNo Rebel)
  • The Book of Names (winner)