Peril PlanetPeril Planet is the “brand” under which I publish my own games and other interactive diversions. Since 2005 I have published more than 16 games, the majority of them absolutely free. Peril Planet is a “game design experiment”, in the sense that I like to tinker with forms and processes, and to play around in niche settings and genres.

The Vision

Peril Planet games explore things a little left of centre, classic genres with a twist, different ways of playing games and telling stories. I try to create entertaining tabletop hobby games that everyone can enjoy. The foundations of my game designs are;

  • Simplicity: Peril Planet games are easy to learn and based on simple premises that players can quickly grasp.
  • Ingenuity: Peril Planet games utilise industry best-practice and innovations in play and design processes to achieve the desired outcomes for each game.
  • Bad-Assery: Peril Planet games exlore genres, fill niches and reinvent the tired or mundane into NEW! and WICKED! settings and concepts filled with action and bad-assery.

Here are some of the games I have published and am particularly proud of:

FU [Freeform/Universal RPG]

The Beast of Limfjord

The Green and the Tan

Fantasy Character Hotseat
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